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Feb 24, 2013 10:00pm EST
benedict the 16th told a --3 crowd of thousands in saint peter's square that he'll be continuing with a life of ppayer. prayee.he mmde the &pannouncement eaalier today aa -3 bllssinn before he rettres. -3& earlier thissmontt,,the pontifffannounccd his resignation which willl ake ppaceethis week. -& the vatican has deniee rumors &pthat he's retiring over a report of a secret groop oo tt the vatican. 3 sequeetrationnalss threatees tte agriculture idustry...why ggvernment cuts... juuttmight pffect your gocery budget. 3 singing nats &pnats 3 and the special event the -3&pperrormed for and the inspiration for theer music. & 3 & jussin timberlake and jay z - .... n tour together.we've 3 herr in baltimooe..mmnday... on fox45 morning news. 3&p"singing nats" nnts" 3 sooe of thh greaa music from - the maryland state boys choir... which pprformed aa - theecolooial baptiit church in & aadaalstown eerlier today.the annnal african american celebration concert celebrrtes diveesityyand featurrs hymns, spirituals nd gospee songs... 334:02:00-4:02:15""e have boys prom everr walk f liff aad it's just am
Feb 11, 2013 10:00pm EST
alreaddydiscussing pho will succced pope benedict & the 16th.......ffer his annnunceeent this morning. porniig.the 855 year old pooe saas he does not have thh -& strength to continue as leeder -3 of the church.even the pope's pardinals and clossst aides sseculation nowwbegins about who the colllgeeof cardinnls & porld's estimated one billion 3 3&pruddy says: "i -&pthink it s ore likely it - will be from europe or latin ameriia orranntter one of ttee pconttients. i think there is just too mmch concern that havvng aa amerrcan would be too much of a conccnnratiin of power n ameerca." america."" vaticcn -3&pspokesperssn says they hope is - easter.the lass pope to resign was pope gregory thh 12th... in 14-15 &p3 here inn baltimore...there's plenty of &prraation tt news of tte pope's toobaltimooe'sarchbishoo andd others...about today'sstunning nnooncement... announcement... 3 (nats)at the shrine of st. alphonsus...parishoners arrive for noon mass...havingalreadd heard the big news. pope become the ffrst pesiggn..siine the 1400's. & nwsswaa one of shock, i wass -3 startled but upon
Feb 12, 2013 10:30pm EST
. i think retirrmeent it really meens us in retiremmnn, benedict will have a new name, bbu his new title has not yyt been 3 a securitt system deevlooee for the department of tested at a florida high school.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3